Tax Planning for Individual Taxpayers

Every year we assist our customers with the deductions and itemization of their tax returns, ensuring that they receive the best returns.

Family Tax Deductions

Everyone’s tax situation is different

Tax Prep. And More makes sure to focus on:

Dependent care credit.

If you pay child care expenses so that you (and your spouse) can work or actively look for work.

Divorced parents.

A child may be treated as the dependent of both divorced parents for certain medical-related tax deductions and exclusions

Helping a parent

You may be able to claim a parent you are helping to support as your dependent

Retirement Planning

The tax benefits associated with employer-sponsored retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can help you build your retirement savings. We assist with the following:

Workplace plans

401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and SIMPLE plans

We also advise on the tax benefits of the following retirement plan participation:

  • Pretax contributions — the salary you contribute is not subject to income taxes until you receive distributions from the plan.
  • Tax-deferred earnings — contributions are invested on a tax-deferred basis.


  • Assistance with the calculation and reporting of your annual IRA contributions
  • Planning and reporting of Roth IRAs converted into traditional IRAs

Premature distributions.

If you required the withdrawal of money from an employer-sponsored retirement plan or an IRA before age 59½ we assist you with penalty exceptions so your tax burden is limited.

Required distributions

Assistance with the reporting of annual “required minimum distributions” (RMDs) from your traditional IRAs and any employer-sponsored plans in which you participate.

Social Security

Assistance with the reporting of Social Security retirement benefits subject to tax based on your “provisional income”.

Education Tax Incentives

Given the high cost of higher education, tax incentives are an important piece of the planning puzzle for anyone who is setting aside money for future costs or currently paying for education. We happily assist families and students with the following deductions:

Student loan interest

Education tax credits

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Best place ever. Professional and timely manner.
Dalia Valle
The owner takes time and explain you step by step all the tax process and how to take care of your future. Great choice for small business, or business that are just starting. Also be aware of their new location in Plano.
Sara Rodriguez
Great customer service, good prices that will cover all my business needs.
Doug Boddie